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Pro Pool Cleaning And Maintenance Is The Key To A Fun Summer

2020-07-17T12:20:39+00:00Automatic Pool Cleaners, Pool Chemicals, Pool Sanitization|

A great deal of homeowners take the Do It Yourself (DIY) approach when maintaining things around the house. While that may work for small jobs, such as fixing a leaking sink, it can actually be detrimental in regards to properly cleaning and maintaining your pool. Although pools provide countless hours of enjoyment for your family,

Tell Tale Signs That Your Pool Is Leaking

2020-07-17T12:20:12+00:00Pool Leak, Pool Leak Detection Services, Pool Leak Repair|

You have been dreaming about jumping into your pool for a nice relaxing swim all winter long. The good news is that the wait is over. The bad news is that something is not quit right with your pool. It seems as if the water level is a bit off, even though you recently had

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Open Your Pool This …Year Part 2 of 2

2020-07-17T12:13:04+00:00Pool Chemicals, Pool Opening, Pool Sanitization|

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Open Your Pool This Year Part 2 of 2 The Correct Amount Of Water Needs To Be Added When Refilling Your Pool The next step to opening your pool for the season involves the water itself. You either had water drained during winterization, or some water evaporated over

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Open Your Pool This Year …Part 1 of 2

2020-07-17T12:11:08+00:00Pool Chemicals, Pool Opening, Pool Sanitization|

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Open Your Pool This Year Part 1 of 2 The warm weather is finally starting to arrive. Spring is turning into summer faster than Michael Phelps can swim for the gold. If you own a pool, it is time to open it up for the season. That being

APCs: Cleaning Up In The Backyard

2021-04-02T13:09:00+00:00Automatic Pool Cleaners, Pool Sanitization|

Most companies offer a standard level of service that includes cleaning the pool, checking the water chemistry and ensuring all the pool equipment is working properly. Generally, the number of pools signed up for this basic package is proportional to revenues, and most companies try cluster as many of them together as possible in order

Pool Scene Investigation

2019-08-09T22:26:09+00:00News, Pool Leak Detection Services, Pool Scene Investigation|

Beyond Virginia Graeme Baker Act There’s no end to the work a diver can do. From leak detection to replacing rebar, those who can work underwater will always be in demand. Steve White, owner of West Boylston, Mass.-based Underwater Pool Masters, found his niche as a “Pool Scene Investigator.” As a PSI, he offers three

The Case of the Mysterious Pool Deposits

2019-08-09T22:27:09+00:00News, Pool Chemicals, Pool Sanitization|

The 80,000-gallon resort pool, which had been operating flawlessly for years, had suddenly developed a very expensive, very troubling problem. For some unknown reason, large deposits of a dull white material were collecting on the heat exchanger, blocking flow and necessitating a $900 repair bill. Even a novice service person would suspect calcium carbonate scale,

Legal Requirements for Pool Safety

2019-08-09T22:27:25+00:00News, Pool Safety|

Steve White has a photograph, taken from a rooftop, looking down on 186 pool drain covers laid out in rows on a parking lot. Those were covers his West Boylston, Mass.-based firm replaced in 2008, the year commercial facilities scrambled to meet the deadline set by the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. The snapshot is a

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