Beyond Virginia Graeme Baker Act

There’s no end to the work a diver can do. From leak detection to replacing rebar, those who can work underwater will always be in demand. Steve White, owner of West Boylston, Mass.-based Underwater Pool Masters, found his niche as a “Pool Scene Investigator.”

As a PSI, he offers three levels of service. Level 1 is a topside investigation. Level 2 tests the pool’s plumbing. Level 3 is when he suits up for a submerged inspection, checking the hydrostatic valve and the integrity of the pool light, among other quality assurances.

Realtors and home inspectors use his services and homeowners will often hire him for repairs after an inspection.

“I explain to the customer that this is an expensive piece of your property. If it isn’t working right, it’s nothing but a white elephant,” says White, a diver since 1970. “It proves my credibility and makes them feel at ease.”