Water Testing

* Water Testing *  Instructions for dropping off water during the pandemic:
Your pool should be circulating for at least 24 hours before bringing in your water for testing. If it has, please let us know what time you’ll be dropping off your water so we can get it out of the mailbox. DO NOT DROP OFF WATER WHEN THE STORE IS CLOSED! Please make sure to include the following with your water sample:


-Phone Number
-Email Address
-List of chemicals you currently have
-Gallons of chemicals in pool (or dimensions of pool if unsure along with depths of shallow and deep end)
-If you have a salt system or chlorine
-Whether it is an in-ground, above ground, or Intex/Game pool 
-Credit card information


We will run the test and email you a receipt with the chemicals you need to balance your water and set your chemicals aside to be picked up with a sheet for you to verify that you are picking up all of the chemicals listed, please sign the sheet and leave on the counter or in mail box. 


Lamotte Spin Lab Testing for the most accurate results . . . now available at Underwater Pool Masters

For accurate results, your pool must be circulating for at least 24 full hours (48 hours is recommended for the most accuracy). Our water lab closes a half an hour before the store closes. Water tests are $10. They are free with an in-store purchase of $10 or more.


LaMotte’s Research and Development team spent 7 years pioneering this new technology. All you do is add pool or spa water to the disk to measure all of the tests in just 60 seconds. It’s the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced. Now in-store pool analysts can achieve greater precision than current water labs without time-consuming procedures or sacrificing accuracy by using test strip scanners.

A New Spin on Precision Water Analysis

  • Accurate tests in our store while you wait!
  • Just Fill Disk With Sample and Spin
  • All Test Results in 60 Seconds
  • Precise Wet Chemistry
  • Pre-measured Reagents and Sample Amounts