Pool Inspection

Whether you require a pool inspection simply to verify that your pool is in good condition, for insurance purposes, or risk management, we will perform a thorough assessment of your swimming pool, including:

  • Inspection of electrical equipment
  • Inspection for leaks
  • Inspection of plaster, pebble, tile or vinyl liner
  • Inspection of decking
  • Testing for chemical balance
  • Inspection of drains
  • Inspection of safety features and code compliance


Comprehensive Commercial Pool Inspections

If you own or manage a commercial swimming pool that needs to be inspected regularly to ensure that it is up to code, the experts at Underwater Pool Masters are here to help. We have experienced swimming pool inspectors who can perform a thorough inspection on your pool to ensure that it is in top condition.

We inspect indoor and outdoor commercial pools of all types, including:

  • Hotel and motel pools
  • Apartment and condominium complex pools
  • Community pools
  • High school and college pools
  • Country club pools
  • Swimming club pools


Risk Management and Code Compliance

Managing a commercial swimming pool is not just about making sure the pool is clean and maintained. It is essential to check the pool regularly for insurance purposes, so that your company is protected in any instance that may arise. We have years of experience, and are familiar with the codes governing new England states assuring your compliance. Having a pool inspection will keep you alerted to any maintenance that your pool requires, so that your pool can be in good working condition at all times.

We can help you make your public pool safer for all who use it. This includes the pool and spa, the structure, plumbing, and electrical work associated with them, as well as the decking and surrounding areas.

Having your commercial pool inspected regularly is just good for business—it is the only way to minimize the risk associated with having a pool in disrepair.

Repair and Maintenance Recommendations

After performing a thorough inspection of your swimming pool, Underwater Pool Masters will give you an itemized report of the status of your pool, and what work your pool may need to be code compliant. We can also give you an estimate for the required work, so you can plan accordingly. Our extensive experience will allow us to perform the repairs for you.  We will also provide optional equipment upgrades that in many cases pay for themselves over time with reduced energy or maintenance costs.

At Underwater Pool Masters, we are also certified instructors to other local pool companies in the safe maintenance of commercial and residential pools,