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  • Come visit us at our "Tropical Showroom" where you'll find our dedicated staff ready to troubleshoot and solve your pool problems. However, unlike many of the chain stores, we will still give you personal attention in answering your questions. Our staff has the training, experience, and professionalism to solve your pool problems! Our retail store offers a wide variety of pool and spa chemicals, automatic pool cleaners, pool toys, and equipment.

    UPM uses the Lamotte water analysis computer program to test your pool water for the full range of chemicals. Just bring a sample of your water to our store and we'll tell you exactly what chemicals your pool needs.


    At UPM we offer a full line of chemicals under our own label, Underwater Blue®. In addition, we feature the best products from national manufacturers, such as Natural Chemistry & Sea Klear®. We sell liquid chlorine in 1, 2.5 and 5 gallon drums and chlorine tablets in a variety of sizes. 

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    We are always stocked with seasonal items and are capable of ordering any type of winter cover. We carry an assortment of waterbags, gizmos, plugs, nets, hoses, test strips, and parts. Give us a call and find out if we have what you need in stock.


    If we do not have a particular item in stock we can always order it for you. We work with a variety of regional and national distributors to ensure that we can track down hard-to-find items. Talk to one of our office staff to locate a part or product you are looking for.