5 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Open Your Pool This Year

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The Correct Amount Of Water Needs To Be Added When Refilling Your Pool

The next step to opening your pool for the season involves the water itself. You either had water drained during winterization, or some water evaporated over the off-season. Either way, it will not be at the correct level when the pool cover is removed. Prior to opening your pool for swimming activities, it is necessary to make sure that the water is at the right level and clean enough to accept the chemicals. For example, if you are not an experienced pool maintenance expert you probably will not know exactly how much water to add or if the water should be drained and refilled before connecting your pool’s operational system. In addition, you may not be aware of the fact that incorrect water levels may very well cause malfunctions. If that occurs, it can lead to expense repairs.

Your Pool’s Operational System Is Delicate

The system that operates your pool is delicate to say the least. All of the filters should be inspected and cleaned prior to turning the pump and filtration system back on. If they are not pulling water, the pool filter may need to be primed. This task involves shutting down the filtration system, removing the pump lid, and filling the housing of the pump with clean water prior to replacing them. In addition, it is also crucial to check for any drips and or leaks within the pump mechanisms and filtration system before you power them up for the summer. If all of this sounds a bit difficult, it is.

Adding The Right Balance Of Chemicals Can Be Complicated

A crystal clear and healthy pool is the goal of every pool owner. That being stated, it is harder to achieve than many may think. Adding the right amount of chemicals may sound easy, but maintaining the proper combination of pH balance, chlorine, and sanitizer is actually incredibly difficult when opening your pool for the season. A plethora of homeowners waste time trying to achieve the correct balance when they could have already been swimming. A professional pool company, that specializes in opening pools for the summer season, will shock your pool in order to obtain the perfect balance in a fast and efficient manner so you and your family can actually get in the pool.

In conclusion, it is best to have a professional pool company open your pool for the summer swimming season. They will properly clean, remove, and store your pool cover, remove the winterizing plugs and cleaning skimmers, refill the pool to the proper levels with clean water, and inspect the system before turning it back on. A professional will also add chemicals, and test for proper chemical levels to make sure the pool is safe to use.

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