CPO Courses

Certified Pool & Spa Operator® Certification Courses

Underwater Pool Masters, Inc. is offering the following CPO® Certification courses for the season. We feature instructors who are certified to teach the PHTA® Certified Pool & Spa Operator® (CPO®) Certification Course. All classes are held in the classroom at our store.

The National Swimming Pool Foundation® is a non-profit organization whose interest is Research, Education, and Safety in aquatics. Recognizing the need for trained pool operators to manage public and commercial pool facilities, the Foundation, in 1974, developed the Certified Pool & Spa Operator® Course. PHTA® certifies Certified Pool & Spa Operators® as those who successfully complete the 16 hours of instruction and pass the exam. The CPO® Certification program of instruction is widely accepted by health officials. It is a National and International Program.

About the CPO® Certification Course

Each student receives 16 hours of instruction by a CPO® Certified Instructor specifically trained to be able to communicate the basic skills necessary for the operation of a pool or spa facility. The course is intensive and covers pool and spa chemistry, testing, treatment, filtration, safety, maintenance, conservation, auto chemical feeders, government requirements, among other topics. Special attention is given to the new VGB and ADA federal code requirements. Each student must attend the 16 hours of instruction and then pass an examination to be certified. The certification is for a minimum of 5 years at which time a refresher course and/or an examination must be passed.

Why You Need the Certification

All commercial, public, semi-public apartments, condominiums, hotels, motels, clubs (9,000,000 nationwide) need CPOs® to operate their facilities. The CPO® Certification course provides training for efficient, effective, economical and safe use of the aquatic facility. It is the law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for all non-residential facilities to have a Certified Pool & Spa Operator® manage their swimming pool or spa.

Course Benefits

The course is a proven educational tool
• Certification through PHTA® satisfies local and state CPO® requirements for commercial pools and spas in Massachusetts
• It covers all topics necessary for pool operators with sections covering local and state codes
• It provides 16 hours of uniform instruction
• The comprehensive text can be used as an operating guide by your pool staff
• Only CPO® Certified Instructors may administer the course
• CPOs® are recognized nationally and internationally

About PHTA® CPO® Instructors

All instructors since 1985 have been certified by PHTA.® They are required to take an intensive instructors school where they are prepared for and present the necessary Technical, Management, Educational and Communicative skills to become Certified CPO® Instructors. The instructor must pass a Technical Exam, Communications Exam, and a practical teaching presentation before they are certified as Instructors by PHTA.® A prerequisite for the instructor is becoming a Certified Pool & Spa Operator.®

About Our Instructor

Steve White is a forty year experienced veteran of swimming pool service. He holds several prestigious accreditations within the pool industry including: • Certified Pool & Spa Operator® Instructor • Certified Pool & Spa Operator® Inspector • PHTA® Advanced Service Technician • Certified Pool Professional with the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals • Education Director, APSP Region IX Steve has been published several times in newspapers and swimming pool trade magazines including: • Aqua Magazine • Pool and Spa Marketing • Recreation Management • The New York Times. Steve provides many hands on examples as opportunities for his students to grasp new concepts.

Who Should Take the Course

Any operator, owner, manager, service company, director, public health oficials, lifeguards, or maintenance personnel who have interaction with an aquatic facility. Certiied Pool & Spa Operators® will be able to manage a facility more economically, eficiently, and more safely after they have taken the course.

The CPO® Examination

Each course is concluded with the Certification Examination. The Exam covers the basics of the course. It is representative of the information in the Pool & Spa Operators Handbook (the textbook for the course). The student will take one of three different certification exams.

New Pool Math™ Workbook available!

Pool Math™ Workbook…an excellent source to refresh your needed math skills. For only $20.00 plus tax, this book may be ordered with the registration.

If you have any additional questions or would like to reserve a spot in an upcoming class, please contact us at (508) 852-0590. To obtain your registration form, click the link on the right or call our office, and we will be happy to fax or mail you a copy.

If you have any additional questions or would like to reserve a spot in an upcoming class, please contact us at (508) 852-0590. To obtain your registration form, click the link on the right or call our office, and we will be happy to fax or mail you a copy.

Pricing Regular Math Book Total Fee (w/ Math Book)
CPO Class Fee $375.00 $25.00 $400.00


CPO Class Dates 2024
February 22 + 23
March 21 + 22
April 4 + 5
May 9 + 10
July 11 + 12
August 8 + 9
October 3 + 4
November 7 + 8
December 5 + 6

CPO Class Fee

Regular: $375.00 Affective starting April 1st 
Math Book: $25.00
Total Fee (with Math Book): $400.00

Retake Fee: $55

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Class times are as follows:

Day 1: 
8:00 A.M.  – APPRX. 4:30 P.M./5:00 P.M.

Day 2:
8:00 A.M. – Varies

(Students may stay as long as needed to complete open book/note test.)
Test start time varies, but typically begins around 3:30 P.M. – 4:00 P.M

*Instructor requires arrival no later than a quarter until 8:00.

*NOTE: If you have not received your C.P.O. certification in your email after successful completion of the course, please contact the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) as your certification comes directly from them.

Pool and Hot Tub Alliance: 1-703-838-0083