Pool Scene Investigation

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Beyond Virginia Graeme Baker Act There’s no end to the work a diver can do. From leak detection to replacing rebar, those who can work underwater will always be in demand. Steve White, owner of West Boylston, Mass.-based Underwater Pool Masters, found his niche as a “Pool Scene Investigator.” As a PSI, he offers three

The Case of the Mysterious Pool Deposits

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The 80,000-gallon resort pool, which had been operating flawlessly for years, had suddenly developed a very expensive, very troubling problem. For some unknown reason, large deposits of a dull white material were collecting on the heat exchanger, blocking flow and necessitating a $900 repair bill. Even a novice service person would suspect calcium carbonate scale,

Legal Requirements for Pool Safety

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Steve White has a photograph, taken from a rooftop, looking down on 186 pool drain covers laid out in rows on a parking lot. Those were covers his West Boylston, Mass.-based firm replaced in 2008, the year commercial facilities scrambled to meet the deadline set by the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. The snapshot is a

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