Pool Opening & Closing

Underwater Pool Masters provides three types of pool openings and closings for your above-ground or in-ground pool. Prices vary depending on your unique pool and equipment. We will customize your services so you get just the right opening or closing package for your needs!

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Leak Detection

Detecting Leaks
In addition to regular pool maintenance programs, our company offers fast leak detection services to diagnose and repair the source of a leak. Whether you know the source of the water loss or not, our team has the equipment to repair the problem.

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Pool Cleaning

Spring Clean up

We can do the first major clean-up and vacuuming of the season to get your pool on the right track for the summer following your pool being opened for the season.

Fall Clean up

We are able to provide services to remove leaves and water of cover after closing.

One-Time Maintenance

We offer an initial, one-time maintenance which would normally be typical of pools that need to be cleaned after the pool is opened or has been closed for a number of seasons. This involves cleaning the pool, removing the bulk of debris. This would include two of our technicians to perform the job and are charged hourly. Please call for further detail.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Residential Maintenance

Weekly maintenance includes a service trip to vacuum the water, test the water chemistry, make necessary chemical adjustments, and inspect the equipment to assure the filter system its doing its job. Adding necessary chemicals are an extra charge. (Weekly maintenance trips include our technicians coming to the pool once a week, Bi-Weekly maintenance trips include our technicians coming to the pool every other week.)

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Repair & Upgrades

Underwater Pool Masters can help you with all your repair and upgrade needs. Our fleet of trucks and highly skilled technicians can complete your upgrade requirements in a timely and professional manner.

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Pool Inspections

Whether you require a pool inspection simply to verify that your pool is in good condition, for insurance purposes, or risk management, we will perform a thorough assessment of your swimming pool.

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Water Testing

Lamotte Spin Lab Testing for the most accurate results . . . now available at Underwater Pool Masters.

LaMotte’s Research and Development team spent 7 years pioneering this new technology. All you do is add pool or spa water to the disk to measure all of the tests in just 60 seconds. It’s the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced. Now in-store pool analysts can achieve greater precision than current water labs without time-consuming procedures or sacrificing accuracy by using test strip scanners.

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Please note: We do NOT service hot tubs, we do NOT repair heaters, and we do NOT install pools of any kind.
We do NOT install aboveground pools or aboveground liners.