You have been dreaming about jumping into your pool for a nice relaxing swim all winter long. The good news is that the wait is over. The bad news is that something is not quit right with your pool. It seems as if the water level is a bit off, even though you recently had filled when you opened your pool for the season. While evaporation from the hot New England summer sun is normal, on top of the fact that children tend to splash water around, it can be tough to figure out the exact cause of your lower water levels.

According to local pool experts, regular evaporation should average a loss of approximately a quarter inch of water on a daily basis, or two (2) inches of water on a weekly basis when the weather is hot. Although a great deal of pool owners simply add water, it truly takes an expert leak detection and repair expert to determine if there is a larger problem at hand. So what is causing your pool to leak? The following tell tale signs will help answer that question. The most obvious sign that your pool is leaking and needs to be repaired is the lower than normal water levels.

If your pool is loosing water faster than the quarter inch per day, or two (2) inches per week rate, chances are you have a leak. Another tell tale sign of a leak is when cracks begin to appear within the pool and or tiles start to fall off. In essence, the ground surrounding your pool has become unsettled because of the excessive amount of water in the area that the leak is causing. This in turn causes cracks within the pool itself. The pool tiles will begin to fall off as well. Gaps and or cracks in the bond beam may very well occur as your pool settles into the softer ground.

If you begin to see wet spots in your yard and it has not rained in a while, that is another sign that you pool is leaking. For example, uneven grass, and mushy soft spots around the pool area are a clear indication that your pool is suffering from a plumbing leak. In addition, you may begin to notice that the landscaping is eroding due to underground water movement that causes it to shift. Another sign of a pool leak is when your water bill is higher than normal.

You may not even notice the water level dropping if you have an automatic fill device that hides the leak by keeping the pool filled with water. That being stated, if the auto fill is constantly running, it is time to call in an expert leak detection and repair specialist. Last but certainly not least, if you notice an excessive amount of algae growth, it could very well mean your pool is leaking. When you constantly add untreated water to the your leaking pool, it can easily throw the chemical balance out of whack, which may lead to the growth of algae. At this point you need to call in a professional to find and repair the leak.

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